All our customers at Relise receive a personal training follow-up and treatment. For the most exigent, we also offer the "Personal Trainer" service.

Within the different options for a Personal Trainer we offer as well the Karate Personal Training.
Ideal for beginners (both for Karate and physically), with a fun but also exigent workout. In each session, of approximate 1 hour we do the following:

  • Physical preparation
  • Resistance
  • Power (great de-stressing effect)
  • Coordination
  • Concentration (idea to escape your daily routine)
  • Elasticity and stretching
  • Shotokan style Karate
    • Techniques
    • Katas
    • Work in pairs (without combat)

(It's also idea to work as a pair or with a friend)
For more information call us at 630 379 906 and ask for Esteban, or check with us at the center.


We can also organize custom and pre-arranged sessions for closed groups.

  • Individual classes at pre-arranged times and custom for our students.
  • Check with us for prices and conditions.
  • It can also be performed as pairs or in a closed group and pre-arranged with special prices and conditions.