All our customers at Relise receive a personal training follow-up and treatment. For the most exigent, we also offer the "Personal Trainer" service.

Every customer who signs up has to fill up a medical form to be aware of any pains, injuries or any health issues which may affect your physical activity. For a couple of weeks you will have an adaptation phase with basic training, after which we will prepare a custom training schedule adjusted to your objectives, weekly sessions and the time you can dedicate to your training, keeping a daily checkup and making modifications where necessary upon the customer's dedication.

The personal trainer will first interview you to find out your objectives, eating habits, routine, daily work and lifestyle; then we will request a more detailed medical questionaire and then prepare your training sessions exclusive and personalized for you. Your personalize training may go beyond mere fitness and target other specific sports, always based on your needs and requests.

These sessions don't need to be so strict and can vary and be modified in any moment based on your physical and mental condition, being this one of our personal trainer's strong straits, since this requires getting to know our customer well and building a mutual trust which can only be obtained through a very personal treatment and joined workouts. Upon these special cases the personal trainer must adapt to the situation and be capable to radically change the programmed training, making changes as necessary to best suit the moment for our customer.

Some trainings will be complemented with heart rate monitoring in our computer systems, letting you follow up on your progress and registering your cardiac rhythm, burnt calories, respiratory percentages, etc. Within your objectives when request a personal trainer we can highlight motivation, specially selected exercises, safety by being always directly supervised by the trainer, seriousness, optimal progress and carelessness for what to do next since your trainer will always decide what you will do next within the current session.

You can improve your aerobics or anaerobics resistance, lose weight, tone up, gain muscular mass, strenghten your upper or lower body parts and your back, regain your muscles, improve flexibility and above all improve your well-being and quality of life. This process must be accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet, for which your trainer will help you establish some eating habits to change to and if necessary work on a personal diet based on your needs.